Be a protagonist in your regional innovation ecosystem!

HEInnovate for RIS3 is a free, flexible self-assessment tool to support Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other regional stakeholders to rethink and reposition their strategies, structures and actions to become more actively involved in their regional ecosystems.

Is your institution engaged in the regional development? And in the research and innovation strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)?

HEInnovate for RIS3 assesses HEIs’ responsiveness to the challenge of being engaged in the regional innovation ecosystem and actively contributing to policy development. Following up on the results of the self-assessment, and using the available support resources, HEIs can:


    Debate and agree upon a joint positioning for HEIs as regional assets.

    Engage the key actors of the quadruple helix and underpin a collaborative work among them for RIS3 revision, implementation and monitoring.

    Access to peer support to quadruple helix networks from other regions, strengthening HEIS in their pivotal roles in igniting, cherishing, and sustaining innovation.


How can HEInnovate for RIS3 and the RE-ACT project support?

Who can use this HEINNOVATE for RIS3?

HEInnovate for RIS3 is primarily targeted at Higher Education Institutions. However, since the core aim of this tool is to foster collaborative processes around RIS3 design and implementation, other actors of the quadruple helix should also be engaged in the self-assessment exercise.